Friday, April 2, 2021





Reports from the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force have confirmed the seizure of large amount of United States currency recently. Bulk cash deliveries to Dominica, which are used for a variety of purposes, including construction of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) construction projects, are being used to pay for literally everything of substance, thus denying the country much-needed tax revenue.A video being circulated in local media there, of $500,000 in twenty dollar notes, shows just how widespread the practice has become.

How are these dodgy (and mainly Middle Eastern)  CBI developers getting all these millions of greenbacks into Dominica ? They are using  all the bogus diplomatic passports they purchased from corrupt government officials to Smurf all the cash in.After all, upon arrival in Dominica, local customs officials will not touch diplomatic bags and baggage, no matter how big the containers that arrive at the airport.

My question to the UK and US air carriers that are ferrying these "diplomats" into Dominica, via neighboring countries' international airports, is how are they blindly allowing this bulk cash smuggling to exploit them. Perhaps they might want to consult with their law enforcement agencies, so that a determination could be made of the legal authority, if any, and seizure of possible proceeds of crime occur.

Of course, these diplomatic passports generally fail the tests of legality, under the United Nations Vienna Convention on Diplomacy, but we have no confidence that the UN, who zealously protects its diplomats from the developing countries, will ever enforce that treasy with its Member nations. 

Bottom line; most of the Dominica diplomatic passports were illegally issued  to financial criminals. Caveat Passport.

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