Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, September 17, 2020



DNA can be extracted from any cell that contains DNA. The common types of human tissue from which DNA can be extracted include blood, saliva, hair, sperm, skin and cheek cells. DNA profiles can be obtained from fabric, where a person has made direct contact with clothing. A standard approach is to cut out a section of the fabric and then use a commercially-available method to extract and isolate the DNA.

Any objective investigator looking into the mysterious circumstances of the alleged pedophile Sergeant Mifsud's death, just days before his extradition to the United States would first want to extract DNA and fingerprints from the tie found as the scene, to identify who came into contact with such a piece of valuable and tangible evidence.


 If the Police on Malta are lacking the expertise to perform such technical due diligence, there are a number of countries in the European Union that can.The United States and Canada would also be willing to assist.

The question to the authorities in Malta is what happened to the tie, which is considered to be the most valuable piece of evidence ? Has it been properly processed pursuant to Crime Scene Investigations Protocol ? Malta's law enforcement authorities must now answer this lingering question.


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