The Laundry Man by Kenneth Rijock ( Penguin/Random House UK)

Monday, September 28, 2020




 Information received from our sources has confirmed that the "Valletta Three," individuals in the present Malta government, have, in their testimony to US law enforcement, implicated Robert Abela, who served as Legal Advisor to resigned Prime Minister Joseph Muscat January 2020. Mr. Abela also happens to be the current Prime Minister of Malta, and is said to be little more than a figurehead, obeying each and every order given to him by Muscat, who is reportedly governing from the shadows.

Additionally, according to a source with first-hand knowledge of the investigation, Abela has either been directed, by US investigators, or will be directed shortly, that he must immediately take the following steps, to avoid indictment:

(1) Grant Maria Efimova, the former Pilatus Bank staff member, Whistleblower status, so that she may travel to Malta to give sworn, and public, testimony, regarding Pilatus and Muscat's role in a number of money laundering operations. It is assumed that her testimony will be properly preserved for evidentiary purposes for admission in future American proceedings.

(2) Cancel Efimova's Malta arrest warrant forthwith. Legal scholars have noted that this warrant represents the first time that an EU Member State (Greece) refused to honor an arrest warrant of a sister State.

(3) Take steps to insure her personal safety while in Malta, employing such security as will guarantee her physical and mental well-being during her visit, including the employment of a detail that replaces police protection, given her previous experience with corrupt local law enforcement, who previously acted under improper political influence. 

While many in Malta may doubt that Abela will willingly agree to these actions, his alternative, to be named as a co-conspirator with others already implicated, may leave him no choice to avoid indictment and trial in a US courtroom. Previous American cases, brought against sitting foreign national leaders, such as Panama's General Noriega (20 years), and Turks & Caicos Prime Minister (8 year) leave no doubt that Abela is exposed to prosecution in the US, for acts committed prior to his appointment.

This is a classic Hobson's Choice, meaning no choice at all. If Abela wishes to avoid being dragged headfirst into the Pilatus Bank money laundering case, he must comply. My the way, for those who will claim that Abela's "legal advice" is protected under attorney-client privilege, the Crime or Fraud exception applies. Lawyers involved in criminal activity with their clients cannot claim privilege to save themselves.


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