Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Jerry George
If you saw our recent articles about the ongoing investigation into the suspected fatal poisoning of British journalist Barry Randall, whose articles often focused attention on corruption in East Caribbean CBI programs, here's yet another mystery for you to unravel. The prominent St. Vincent regional broadcaster Jerry George  recently abruptly left his radio program in progress, and was later found dead in his home. His death was completely unexpected, which begs the question: was it really a heart attack, or will it be found to be a homicide ?

Barry Randall
Having participated on his radio broadcasts in the past, where the systemic problems of East Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs are analyzed, I feel that I know his known position on the corruption that results from such programs, and how they cheat the very people they were designed to assist. It is no secret that the Government of St. Vincent will not get involved with CBI as a matter of national policy; SVG leaders believe that there is no "magic wand" with economic citizenship. Furthermore, Mr. George's influence in the region on the subject cannot be overestimated. His program is followed throughout the East Caribbean, and he may have unwittingly angered powerful CBI consultancies, or government officials who receive bribes & kickbacks from lucrative CBI sales, who have responded.

I candidly do not yet know the medical details about the specific cause of death of Mr. George; I do know that professional assassins are familiar with methods and techniques that make homicide appear to be accidental, or from causes not generally known to be from heart disease. It just seems far too coincidental that two crusading journalists, who both opposed CBI corruption, are dead. A forensic autopsy of Jerry George should answer my concerns; did some deliberate action cause his death ?   

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