Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, September 19, 2020




According to a source with a history of reliability, the former Maltese Prime Minister. as well as other targets of the investigations, have been busy contacting experienced criminal defense attorneys in South Florida (Miami) and in New York City, to ascertain their availability to provide legal representation for any upcoming Federal matters. They are said to be particularly interested in interviewing lawyers who have substantial experience in defending Money Laundering and RICO (Racketeering) cases. 

There has been no information regarding whether counsel admitted to practice in the District of Colombia, and in the Eastern District of Virginia have been approached. While there is no confirmation at this time, concerning whether there exist any sealed indictments in DDC or EDVA of Maltese former and present government officials, and their families, it is customary in the Justice Department to bring cases with international significance in both of those Districts. Rumors continue to fly, noting that there are possibly criminal cases pending in three separate Federal Courts.

 Given that complex criminal cases, with multiple defendants, often take months to try, due to the number of witnesses expected to testify, and documents that must be admitted in evidence, the best attorneys are often not available for extended periods of up to one year, and defendants must plan ahead to ascertain their possible availability, and retain then, lest none of their first choices would be available for their cases.

Rather than be forced to obtain counsel in a hurry, when in US custody, retaining counsel in advance is deemed to be the prudent move, especially if there is a possibility that the case can be settled by a plea. Given the positions taken in the past by the Malta targets, it is believed, however, that they will choose to defend themselves at trial. 

 Some major international criminal defendants, when faced with probable indictment, retain counsel months in advance, so that they can create a theory of defense. Alex Saab Morán, the accused Colombian money launderer, has had counsel in Miami for several months.

We note that many readers of this blog residing in Malta, are circulating a short list of those whom they believe are the Cooperating Individuals we have referred to as the Valletta 3 in our articles, but for reasons for both their privacy and personal safety, we will not be publishing it. Should they testify at trial, their identities will become public knowledge,


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