Sunday, April 8, 2018


Hamas agents in Gaza, burning American flag.

The display of a Nazi swastika, alongside the Palestinian national flag, during this week's chaotic efforts to violate Gaza's border with the State of Israel, is a reminder that Middle East terrorist organizations pose a clear and present danger to the Western democracies. For that reason, the overt solicitation, by the East Caribbean CBI states, to apply for CBI passports, could result in unintended consequences not foresseen by the East Caribbean leadership.

To be blunt, there are precious few Palestinians who are wealthy enough to have six figures in extra cash, in US Dollars, on hand, who are not either affiliated with terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or PA officials, who will be paying for their passport with the proceeds of corruption. The first time a Hamas official is discovered using his CBI passport for terrorist financing purposes, the CBI nightmare will begin:

 Nazi swastika flying between two Palestinian flags at border demonstration

(1) The issuing state could find itself on the wrong end of major OFAC sanctions. There still is a Global War on Terrorism, though the Caribbean countries sell passports to Iranians & Syrians.

(2) All the local banks in that jurisdiction could be themselves sanctioned, or have all of their US correspondent relationships abruptly cancelled.

(3) The negative media coverage could drive down foreign tourism, and result in the flight of a mass of depositors from your indigenous banks, moving to local branches of North American banks. Foreign airlines will scale back their schedules to a country where tourism substantially declines.

(4) A messy terrorist financing criminal case, filed agasinst trher CBI passport holder, in either the US or Europe, where the CBI jurisdiction must endure repeated allegations of negligence.

(5) An increase in the presence of foreign intelligence agents in-country, who are engaged in covert counter-terrorism operations.


Do the East Caribbean CBI States really want to incur the wrath of the United States, Canada and the EU, on an immigration level, where arriving visitors are subject to intense examination, and even interrogation, or visa cancellations. Selling CBI passports to obvious Hamas leaders, or Palestinian Authority officials, whio income and assets do not even come close to their declared legal income, is playing with fire.

 Don't you have enough trouble, of a public relations nature, when Russian organized crime members, Iranian sanctions evader, Syrians, Chinese tax evaders, and even North Koreans, show up with CBI passports ? Stay clear of Palestinains with dirty money.

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