Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Chinese military vehicles, delivered to Dominica this week.
 This week, armored cars and other military vehicles arrived in the Commonwealth of Dominica, courtesy of a multi-million dollar grant from the People's Republic of China, which previously has supplied arms & ammunition, and even camouflage uniforms and equipment, to the country's Special Services Unit, its paramilitary police. For a nation with no external or domestic national security threats, Dominica is becoming an armed camp, with military capabilities that far exceed its law enforcement needs.

Last year, the country's  Minister of National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore, ordered the Chief of Police to ascertain which members of the force were "for or against the government," to weed out any officers whose political leanings were not in favor of the ruling Dominica Labour Party, and the present Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. The increase in the number of sworn law enforcement officers, past the point where an objective observer would consider their numbers clearly excessive, the only conclusion one can draw is that it is being augmented to be able to physically suppress any possible organized protests, on the part of the Opposition, during the next national election, which will feature massive election fraud, as has happened for the past fifteen years.

The influence of the Peoples' Republic of China should not be underestimated; China's massive embassy, which is believed to be monitoring United States military activity in the Caribbean, and conducting electronic surveillance of communications in the region, as well as a base for intelligence officers in the field, is furthering China's global ambitions in the Caribbean, which the US generally ignores, and takes for granted as allies. Remember, the Prime Minister of Dominica is a hardline Socialist, whose mentor was Hugo Chavez, and who identifies with the regime in Cuba. He is no friend of the Wesrtern democracies.

Additional Chinese miliotary vehicles, now delivered to Dominica.
 A final note, and a disturbing one, when China evacuated its embassy staff from Dominica, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, in 2017, 462 Chinese nationals were removed from the country. Since China has neither any trade, nor tourism, with Dominica, what are all those Chinese nationals doing in the embassy ? Where is Dominica heading ?

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