Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The Prime Minister's Order cancelling the CBI passports

For some reason, none of the articles covering the recent revocation of the CBI passports of six individuals have mentioned that all of them are Iranian nationals. The grounds for the abrupt cancellation of the passports have not been made public, other than a vague statement that they "have committed acts which may bring St Lucia into disrepute." It could be participation in Iran's international sanctions evasion schemes, espionage, terrorist financing, or criminal conduct; we do not know their offenses.

 Most CBI insiders know that the vast majority of St Lucia CBI passport holders are Iranians, and it has been estimated that they constitute more than 90% of all the country's issued and outstanding CBI passports are held by Iranians. Given existing international, US  & EU sanctions, and the potential for armed conflict in the Middle East, involving Iran, St Lucia's government must be seriously lacking the ability to foresee the probable unintended consequences of their giving passports to members of a regime whose nationals are carrying out foreign policy goals contrary to Western values, laws and ethics. Do they know how to spell Enemy Aliens ?

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