Sunday, March 25, 2018


If you were wondering how the incumbent party, Keith Mitchell's NNP, won all fifteen seats in the recent national elections in Grenada, reports from Grenada confirm that there was massive election bribery, both before, and during, the election. Voters were paid, in cash, to vote for the ruling party.

Reliable sources have stated that a large number of Grenadian students, who were outside the country at school, were given free airline tickets to return home to vote. The payment of travel expenses for voters constitutes bribery under United Nations regulations, and is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, unemployed youth were provided with jobs well in advance of the election, to make it appear that they were gainfully employed. In truth and in fact, they were selling their votes, and the jobs were only temporary.

As we continue to explore details of our bribery investigation, using Grenadian sources, we shall update our readers.

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