Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The vessel JBB Rong Chang 8.
Now we know that the Chinese representatives for Dominica's CBI program are also up to; they are registering Chinese commercial vessels in Dominica, knowing very well that the Commonwealth has no officials conducting regular safety inspections upon Dominica-flagged ships. One of these vessels, known as the JBB  RONG CHANG 8, overturned in the waters off Malaysia. Safety violations are suspected as the cause of the disaster.

While there is no final tally on injured and dead, preliminary reports state one fatality, with fourteen missing and presumed dead, with three rescued, according to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. Search and recovery operations are continuing.

In the interest of total transparency, we would like to see the Ship's Registries, to learn precisely how many Chinese vessels are flying the Dominican flag. We already know of one Chinese tanker caught smuggling oil to sanctioned North Korea; that story previously appeared here.

It might be well to remember that, though Dominican authorities assert that there is only one facility available to register ships under the Dominican flag, a second facility, operated by a Greek national holding one of those illegal diplomatic passports sold for cash to affluent foreign nationals, also is registering vessels in Greece.

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