Tuesday, March 6, 2018


 The Government of Haiti has taken the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassador to the United Nations, after the chief of the UN Mission to Haiti stated that she supported a new corruption inquiry into how $2bn was spent by government officials. Haiti, known as the most corrupt state in the Western Hemisphere, has always resisted the exposure of the rampant official corruption whic has turned it into the region's only failed state.

Susan Page, who is the Deputy Special Representative for the Rule of law of the United States Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) , in a statement, supported complaints by Haitian citizens demanding an accounting of how these funds were paid out, allegedly for services rendered, and identifying the individuals who were the ultimate recipients. An investigative judge has now been assigned to the matter, which has incurred the anger and displeasure of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise. Recalling its ambassador betrays the current Haitian government's wish to continue its opaque, and utterly corrupt, form of governing, where billions of dollars in aid and donations  is diverted from those in need, to the pockets of amoral "public servants" who do not serve the public trust.

Authoritative Haitian sources have disclosed that Special Representative Page plans to organize a Truth Commission, to expose decades of corruption on Haiti, and that she has a list of fifteen present and former  government officials that she wishes the Commission to publicly interview. She reportedly plans to interview very senior government officials from the governments of:
(1)  René Preval.
(2)  Michel Martelly.
(3) Jovenel Moise.

Certain family members of senior politicians are also included in the list of individuals to be interviewed. Unexplained income and assets are to be one topic that will be covered by the Truth Commission. It is not known whether any limited grants of immunity from prosecution will be extended, and whether they will be effective, both as to Haiti, and other jurisdictions.

It seems to be the absolute height of arrogance for a government to withdraw one's ambassador from an international body dedicated to peace and justice, for supporting transparency. When government officials are more interested in feathering their own nests, rather than serving its people, it must be exposed. Bring on the Truth Commission, please.


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