Thursday, March 22, 2018


As we have explained in previous articles, CBI consultancies do not advise their clients that certain jurisdictions can raise the client's individual risk levels. On a personal level, this could mean interrogation by customs officers, when arriving on an international flight, or having your bags & baggage regularly searched, or your passport photocopied by the authorities while you cool your heels in a holding area. None of these matters is pleasant, especially when you have to endure them repeatedly.

Grenada has been placed on high risk status for drug trafficking by US law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and this means anyone with a Grenada passport, however acquired, runs the risk that they may be targeted for investigation. CBI consultancies often gloss over the fact that there are any negative aspects of a specific jurisdiction offering CBI programs, instead stressing the positive points. Clients who are not from the Western Hemisphere often do not know anything about the history of the country where they are acquiring economic citizenship, are are often totally in the dark about the role the East Caribbean region played in the 1980s "Miami Vice" era, of money laundering and narcotics smuggling.

Applicants for Citizenship by Investment programs should be knowledgeable about their adopted country; in the case of Grenada, the increased attention given to it, and its residents, due to pending criminal investigations into drug trafficking activities from the island should cause any CBI applicants to prudently look elsewhere, until Grenada Country Risk levels subside;There are four other adjacent jurisdictions offering comparable economic citizenship products, at lower risk. Applicants are urged to consult a competent attorney to make an educated decision.


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