Wednesday, March 14, 2018


This week's elections in Grenada have demonstrated that Grenadians have little or no interest in reform; notwithstanding the massive public scandal over the sale of illegal diplomatic passports to unsavory, as well as criminal, elements, the voters have returned the incumbents to office.

Extremely damaging news, regarding the covert sale of diplomatic passports, under circumstances that confirm the recipients were individuals not engaged in diplomacy, but other personal, as well as criminal pursuits, any of which is a violation of United Nations regulations, has appeared, on Wikileaks, in major media, and on this blog.

The population of Grenada has chosen to ignore the warning signs, allowing the bad actors to remain in public office. Therefore, since reform is not on the menu in Grenada this year, if ever,  compliance officers at international banks, which are charged with assessing Country Risk, are advised to increase it to a level where transactions involving corporation or nationals from Grenada, or where funds originate from, or are destined for, that nation, are advised to institute Enhanced Due Diligence,  and to reject all transactions that fail to pass your investigation.

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