Friday, March 16, 2018


Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il, Enemies of Peace
Will the Fire Sale in CBI passports, offered by five Eastern Caribbean republics, who have reduced their prices in the aftermath of last year's hurricane, allow still more career criminals, terrorists, sanctions evaders, corrupt government officials, and assorted bad actors, to get an invaluable identity document, often in another name, to facilitate evil acts.

Look at the image above; it is a newly-released photograph of two legal Brazilian passports, complete with aliases, obtained by the past & present Supreme Leaders of North Korea, who is considered by experts to be the greatest threats to peace. Jong-Il, the father, then the leader of his country, also possessed such a bogus, yet totally legitimate, document, as you can see. The Kim family reportedly used the passports in international travel throughout Asia, as evidenced by visas.

I can show you literally dozens of CBI and diplomatic passports, obtained at extraordinary expense from one of the five East Caribbean governments, sold to individuals presently under arrest, or in custody facing criminal charges, all over the globe, often using high-powered, by borderline unethical global consultancies, and who would never have passed a genuine enhanced due diligence investigation. They are sanctioned Iranians, Chinese white collar criminals, Russian organized crime, and sundry other fugitives from justice.

Until the CBI programs are cleaned up, you can expect Kim Jong-Il to be acquiring a Dominica, Antigua or St Kitts passport anytime now, making the issuing country radioactive.

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