Thursday, March 8, 2018


If you have not read my article about Swallow Immigration Agency, Inc., you can access it here. Swallow's principal, Nousheen Pourjahani, has now been enrolled as a Promoter, or Authorized Agent, for all the East Caribbean nations that offer CBI passports: St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia and Grenada.

Swallow maintains an office (showing no signeage, as shown in my last article) in Tehran, where Pourjahani commutes to, from her Canadian office. The extremely limited amount of information uncovered, regarding the sale of CBI passports, has confirmed that some nationals from high-risk or sanctioned countries, have obtained CBI documents from more than one East Caribbean jurisdiction. They do not disclose that they are already holding a CBI passport when applying for one in another country.

The possession of multiple CBI passports enables career criminals, terrorist financiers, fugitives from justice to confuse potential law enforcement investigators, by returning on a different passport than the one they used on their outbound trips. Given the large number of Iranians who have sought CBI passports, and the Iranian Authorized Agents and Promoters who stand ready to assist them, notwithstanding United Nations Sanctions, US OFAC sanctions, and EU sanctions, for the lucrative commissions.

With historically grossly inadequate due diligence, in virtually all the CBI jurisdictions, we cannot truly know how many completely unsuitable, and actually dangerous, Iranian nationals working for the regime, have multiple CBI passports.

Nousheen Pourjahani

   Considering that their future bad acts are foreseeable, will CBI agencies, and responsible government officials, face civil suits after their CBI clients commit a terrorist attack, cyber crime, Ponzi scheme, or other dark crimes ? They might have to disgorge all those excessive fees to victims.  Think about it, all you voters who perpetuate those schemes by reelecting leaders who ignore the fatal flaws in CBI programs.  


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