Friday, April 12, 2013


 Professionals who provide their services to Ponzi schemers always risk being sued later for all or part of their fees, even when their fees are earned. Documents filed recently in the Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme principal case, the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm bankruptcy, reveal that a well-known political consultant who, with his firm, earned over $400,000 for services rendered, has settled with the trustee for approximately 4% of the fees received. Whilst this is a small percentage, who wants the publicity ?

Professionals prior to being engaged by clients, owe it to themselves to have a due diligence investigation conducted on all high-profile/high net worth/high-risk clients, to weed out all civil liability, for America's conspiracy laws have an extremely broad reach, and innocents are often caught in the net with the guilty, with disastrous results. Obtaining a verdict of innocent may not be in the cards for you, even if you were unaware of your client's criminal activities.

Therefore, professionals, check out your clients before they become clients, lest you later be sued for all the fees that you earned, to fatten the pot for your client's victims.

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