Sunday, April 7, 2013


The Government of Austria continues to ignore blatant violations of  EU and UN Iran sanctions regulations, and Vienna remains a major operating area for Iranian money laundering, according to a number of authoritative sources, whose complaints seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Austria seeks to minimise the risks to the EU of Iran, which is inconsistent to the actual threats, including the fact that Iranian ballistic missiles are well within range of all Austrian cities. What really is disturbing is the presence of an Iranian NGO in Austria whose primary function is believed to be looking for effective ways to shirt sanctions on Iran.

I personally have seen a number of the following during my recent investigations:

(1) Austrian companies working with Iranian firms.
(2) Iranians based in Vienna who are obviously engaged in sanctioned business.
(3) Austrian companies owned by Iranian corporations, for the sole purpose of sanctions evasion.

I am rarely in favour of raising Country Rick on any EU nation without compelling evidence, but in this case, it would appear that Austria's continuing (and illegal) overt and covert business relationships with Iranian companies justifies it. We need to see some corrective action from the Austrian Government at this time. Perhaps it thinks that the EU will ignore the situation, but you can be sure that
US law enforcement agencies are paying close attention to financial transactions involving Austrian banks, where payment for goods and services ultimately benefitting Iran has been noticed.

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