Sunday, April 21, 2013


Two IT professionals, who worked the recent presidential election in Venezuela, have alleged that, although Capriles, the Opposition candidate, won the popular vote, they deliberately changed the official results, to show that Nicolás Maduro, the Chavista candidate, won. They say this was done on the express orders of senior officials of the Government of Cuba. This corroborates the Opposition claims that the election was rigged to favour Maduro, whose candidacy was openly supported by the Castro regime.

Over 30,000 Cubans are in Venezuela; they supervise many of the country's government offices and agencies, as well as its law enforcement, intelligence and military forces. Should a democratic government ever return to Venezuela, not only would these cadre be banished, the extremely preferential oil shipment arrangement with Cuba would probably also  be terminated. Cuba is due to start payment upon that debt later this year.

This new evidence merely reinforces my previous recommendation, that Country Risk levels for Venezuela have reached, or even exceeded the level at which international trade, or financial exposure, should not be engaged in. This risk of default or non-payment is simply too high.   


  1. Really, our country should shut down the refinery in the US Virgin Islands for preventative maintenance. It is long overdue, should take between one to two years.

    This would have the benefit of hitting two birds with one stone. How?

    First, since it is the only refinery anywhere of refining Orinoco Mud, it would put a coup de grace on the economic shambles that Nicholas Maburro is only pretending to run when Ramiro Valdez needs him to talk in public.The PSUV never has seen fit to reinvest in production infrastructure, since hot air and magical thinking get the image job done for less. their Russian, Chinese, and Iranian partners aren't up to the job of making such a facility in time to save Cubazuela's neck.The amount of light sweet crude their fields produce would be barely sufficient to keep the Chavista motorcades rolling as the big shots, Tupamaros, and Cubans wheel around the cities and barrios on their endless celebrity tours.

    Secondly, it would put Communist Cuba immediately into a second "Special Period," such as it perpetrated in 1991/1992 when they had to finally run home from Angola with their tail between their legs AND they could no longer receive aid from the defunct USSR to continue their programm of inhumanity and insanity.

    The evidence is that both countries would rapidly become untenable for Communist purposes, which would help the opposition in both countries eject the criminal parasites that have been feeding on their labor and national patrimonies.

    Like parasitic pathogens, they will not leave quietly without violence. However, this will help alleviate the levels and extent to which that would rise, as in Serbia and the Ukraine.

    Most violent would be the qods, spetznaz, jihadists, Chinese anti-insurgency, Cubans, FARC/ELN, and north Koreans. My contacts think that Venezuela's long mistreated loyal military forces would actually welcome a bit of combat experience.They think of it as acting like antibodies, fighting off a virulent infection.

    An international coalition may be necessary to see to it that they do not escape by air, land,or water, and to police the aftermath, since the Castros surely will revert to more of their former criminal activities to maintain their miserable craven existence. The newest of this is using their moles and Colombian, Nica, Dominican, Argentine, Bolivian proxies in Florida to do medicare fraud, tax refund fraud, Ponzi and related finance fraud, and planting mostly North Korean counterfeit currency in the US.

    Anybody seen Correa's ROmanman-boy-love video production?

  2. While we are on this subject, I should mention that the RCTV cable could be put down for involuntary maintenance by its' real owners from whom it was stolen.

    And since Cuba is such a paradise,flotillas of millions of intinerants from Central and south America seeking work should be guided to land there. How will Fidel, Raoul, Ramiro react to a tsunami of humanity?


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