Thursday, April 18, 2013


Agents of US Customs & Immigration Enforcement (ICE) have arrested 20 illegal immigrants who obtained bogus citizenship documents enabling them to pose as Cuban refugees, as well as members* of a criminal organisation that procured bogus Cuban birth certificates for them, one of whom has a prior conviction for this crime. Reportedly, most of those arrested were Venezuelan nationals.

Pursuant to US law, Cuban refugees enjoy preferential treatment, and are allowed to remain, and to apply for permanent residency after 366 days. The Cuban birth certificates the illegals employed were either genuine, had information altered upon them by the immigration fraudsters facilitating their illegal applications, or were completely counterfeit. in an earlier case, the defendant admitted paying $15,000 for a bogus Cuban birth certificate.

The charges:

(1) Conspiracy to Encourage and Induce Aliens to Unlawfully Enter and reside Illegally in the United States.

(2) Encouraging and Inducing Aliens to Unlawfully Enter and reside Illegally in the United States.

Are you banking any clients, recently arrived, with large bank balances, whose Spanish does not have a Cuban accent, slang or region-specific phrases ? You Cuban-American staff can certainly tell you if their Spanish is not of Cuban origin; Check it out , please.

*13-cr-6066-WJZ (SD FL).

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