Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The brouhaha recently, surrounding the mysterious seizure*, in Dusseldorf of a 300m Bolivar cheque at Customs, belonging to the Iranian construction firm, Kayson Company, in the hands of a former Iranian Central Bank head, is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

As far back as 2009, Kayson, through its wholly-owned Venezuelan subsidiary, Kayson Venezuela SA, has been building missile silos inside Venezuela, to hold the ballistic missiles acquired by the Government of Venezuela, from Russia, Iran and North Korea (DPRK). The company may advertise itself as an affordable housing builder for the developing world, but in truth and in fact, it is a military contractor.

The recently completed (and opened) Venezuelan missile base, on the Paraguana Peninsula**, which reportedly contains hardened silos sunk to a depth of 61 ft., was a Kayson project, and several more are planned, under construction, or completed.  Unfortunately, security at these sites is extraordinary; all Venezuelan nationals are restricted from entry, and more details are not available. it is strictly an Iranian show, managed by Iranian nationals.

Iranian funds, which have been flowing into Venezuela, to funds these projects, in regular transfers of $750,000, have bankrolled the missile silos. It is known in Venezuela that there is a joint Iranian-Venezuelan pact, which states that the missiles will be deployed in support of any military conflict between the United States and Iran.

Kayson Company may be a global home builder, but it is also a military contractor whose products increase the risk of war. It is on both the UK and Canadian lists of undesirable companies, due to its work in connection with Iran'sWeapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Programme.
*Iran Lies about the 300m Cheque Seized in Germany
** The base is only 75 mi. from the Colombian frontier.

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