Friday, April 22, 2022


TOM 2022 ?  by COSIMO

If you had any illusions that the Republic of Malta was anything other than a Mafia state, where crime is the biggest industry, listen to the testimony of the EU prosecutor who recently visited Malta. She went from one government law enforcement agency, and regulator, to another. All of the manager denied that they were tasked with fighting financial crime, and pointed to other agencies. However, when the prosecutor actually visited those specific agencies, they in turn passed the buck back to the original agencies, who has said they had no jurisdiction. 

In essence, there are no government agencies in Malta law enforcement that bring charges for financial crime. We must assume that this us due to strict orders, handed down from the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, to agency heads, requiring that financial crime cases not be filed without the express consent of the leaders of the Labour Party. there is no possibility that Joseph Muscat and his Merry Men, who have established Malta as the European Union's money laundering centre, will ever see the inside of a prison for their sins, Even if they are arrested, no trials will ever occur.

Clowns Still Rule by COSIMO

The only way justice will be served is if a court abroad indicts them. The chances of that happening have improved of late though, due to the government's love affair with Russian "flight capital, " received in the IIM programme, and the perception that certain government officials are literally in bed with the Russian Federation, for purely material gain, which the EU or US may see as a national security threat to Europe. Lessee how this plays out, but meanwhile Muscat and his crew continue to operate with impunity.   

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