Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Dark Clouds Descending on Malta  by COSIMO

Our latest information regarding the ongoing Italian criminal investigation into disgraced former Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the members of his former Cabinet, has confirmed that the case is close to the indictment stage. The targets are said to include, but not limited to, the same individuals who were profiled in an article appearing last year on the Repubblika website entitled Daphne was Right, which is a scathing survey of Malta's rampant corruption at the highest level. 

One of our US sources has confirmed that statements were taken by Italian law enforcement of a number of Maltese nationals, outside of Malta, and that those cooperators will be receiving immunity from prosecution. Italian law enforcement agencies reportedly took the lead in the investigation after the US Department of Justice became fully occupied with bringing hundreds of cases against Americans who attacked the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. American law enforcement agencies are known to new cooperating with their Italian counterparts, and have shared evidence from their own investigation of Joseph Muscat and his Merry Men of Crime with them.

Apparently, the same Italian law enforcement agencies that are involved in targeting traditional Italian organized crime in Sicily, more commonly known as the Mafia, in its current form, are the ones who are in command of the Maltese cases. We are closely monitoring Italian court media, and will be reporting on all developments s they occur, as we have little confidence that Malta's online newspapers, which practice self-censorship on negative news involving the ruling Labour Party, will be covering the case.     



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