Sunday, April 10, 2022


The recent Russian missile attack on a cargo vessel docked in the Ukraine, flying the flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica, was no accident, according to experts of the relationship between Russia and its ally, Syria. When Dominica cancelled its ill-advised new diplomatic recognition of Syria, Russia specifically targeted the freighter, whilst it was sitting in Mariupol harbour in the Ukraine, in retaliation.

It is believed that Dominica opened diplomatic relations with Syria, through its ambassador to the United Nations, on the instructions of a powerful Citizenship by Investment (CBI) consultancy, which had targeted Syria's elite as candidates for Dominica CBI passports. Syria is a designated State Sponsor of Terrorism, and its nationals do not have visa-free access to either the European Union's Schengen Zone, nor the United Kingdom, both of which are available to Dominica passport holders. The Dominican diplomatic recognition of Syria was merely a ploy to increase the number of Syrian government officials, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) close to the Assad regime, applying for passports under the CBI programme. It was based solely upon financial considerations.

The  fact that Dominica chose to establish a relationship with Syria, one of the world's most reviled dictatorships, one that has been accused of perpetrating war crimes upon its own citizens, and whose soldiers now have been confirmed as participating in genocide in the Ukraine, speaks volumes for the total lack of morality among its leadership, which clearly prefers cash flow over obedience to international norms of conduct. The lucrative CBI programme, with its attendant bribes and kickbacks, appears to trump everything else in Dominica, whose leaders would sell a passport to Satan himself if he filled out an application.  


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