Tuesday, April 5, 2022



Lest we Forget her Crusade by COSIMO

The alleged killers of Malta's premier investigative journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, in an effort to secure a Presidential pardon for their crimes, have offered to identify the individual they claim was the mastermind behind the criminal conspiracy to silence her for exposing the rampant corruption that has plagued the country since the Labour Party came to power in 2013. Alleging that he is a former minister,  the Degiorgios also want to name and shame a purported middleman in the criminal consortium that organized and financed the horrific crime. They also want to identify a heretofore unknown third party who was involved.

Reliable sources within Malta's Labour Party have disclosed to this blog that the ex-minister they have named as the alleged mastermind is CHRISTIAN CARDONA. Cardona, who has relocated to Dubai, UAE, reportedly because he feared arrest in Malta as well as from INTERPOL, is said by our sources there to be coping with his situation by excessive consumption of alcohol; his reputation addiction to prostitution was exposed by Daphne in her Internet articles. He is a former Minister for the Economy.

Labour Party insiders have long asserted that Cardona has long been protected from criminal prosecution in Malta for murder, due to his close relationship to the powerful disgraced former Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, by threatening to expose Muscat's bad deeds should be be charged.

It is doubtful that the Cabinet will approve immunity from prosecution for the Degiorgios; the members are known to be supporters of the present PM, Robert Abela, who conspicuously avoided appointing any who are known to be under Muscat's influence, as a behind-the-scenes power struggle continues to unfold in Maltese politics.

Our inside source further alleges that the conspirators, after being exposed, set up local businessman Yorgan Fenech to take the blame. We are not absolving YF of aiding and abetting the consortium of plotters, but he made the fatal error of discussing the plot with a whistleblower set up by the group to protect JM and KS, so that they would escape accountability. He further claims that YF, who blindly trusted those two leaders, was the weakest link, due to an alleged addiction, and they took advantage of him, using him dumbing him down.

Will JM and KS get off scot-free in the Daphne case ? We cannot say, but as the scheme continues to unfold, we will be discussing additional information that Maltese media is deliberately failing to publish, fearful of PL retaliation, both economic as well as through physical threats previously conveyed to local reporters, to prevent the truth from coming out, as well as through assistance from corrupt magistrates and members of the judiciary, who will target them for speaking truth to power.

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