Wednesday, April 13, 2022



Unstable  by COSIMO

If you are forever barred, by your past criminal conduct, of leading your country again, you try to get into office through the back door. Joseph Muscat, persona non grata in Maltese politics, by reason of his link to Daphne's assassination, and seven other deadly sins,  appears to be scheming to place his wife, Michelle, in the office as Malta's president. 

Muscat's recent advocacy for the appointment of a woman to be president looks suspiciously like him laying the political groundwork for his unrequited political ambition. Should he place his wife in the position of president, he will have her ear regarding a multitude of possible things she could facilitate within Maltese politics. He may again slide into the role of kingmaker in Labour politics, and he could easily manoeuvre her into seeing that none of his former money laundering cronies are ever charged with criminal activity.

Of course, Michelle in high office means the  truth about the Egrant documents, which are currently in the possession of whistleblower Maria Efimova will NEVER be revealed. Malta will continue to decline to grant Ms. Efimova protected status, and will maintain the bogus criminal charges against her, to prevent her from ever returning to Malta, through threat of arrest and possible elimination whilst in custody in Malta's corrupt prison system.

Not Fade Away  by COSIMO

By the way, speaking objectively, Michelle Muscat is completely unqualified, by reason of lack of relevant education, training and experience, to serve as Malta's president. She would, of course, quietly and covertly, defer to her husband for all issues, and then parrot his position and instruction as her own. That world make Joseph Muscat the de facto president of  Malta. Should this happen, Malta will slide further down the slippery slope toward autocracy, being actually governed by a selfish, egocentric Man of Pure Evil. No wonder young Maltese are leaving in droves. 

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