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Walmart/Sam's Club Ethics & compliance 

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Walmart’s/Sam's Club approach 

At every level of our company, we work to create a culture that inspires trust among our associates, with our customers, and in the communities we serve. We do this by: 

  • Setting ethics and compliance program foundations, including having the right program structure, developing standards and controls to maintain compliance, training associates on compliance and controls and monitoring for and responding to issues. 
  • Building trust with our associates and customers, including by not tolerating discrimination or harassment, promoting health and safety, selling safer food and products and delivering quality health care services. 
  • Building trust with our business, including by competing fairly, combating bribery and corruption, using data and technology respectfully and ethically and sourcing responsibly. 

The question remains; what is Walmart/ Sam's Club compliance officer John Scudder doing to enforce the company’s zero tolerance policy, regarding company retaliation against employees /associates who report their concerns to Global Ethics? We highlighted this in our last article, (MORE DETAILS ABOUT RAMPANT CORRUPTION AT SAM'S CLUB IN CALIFORNIA) published April 10, 2022, how Brenda Caldera and Jeremy Hines openly retaliate against associates who raise their concerns, regarding the level of corruption taking place specifically at Sam's Club Store 6609, and many other clubs in Ms. Caldera’s division.

John Scudder

Our articles have prompted a number of associates to contact us about the disturbing trend of retaliation, and at least four associates referred us to their lawyers for comment. A prominent litigator from California who asks to remain confidential until filing his case, said, “There is convincing evidence to support investigations by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), AND OTHER STATE AND FEDERAL AGENCIES AGAINST THE VIOLATORS." 

Their method of retaliation is to utilize employees/associates ignorant of Federal and state laws, to set up the associates suspected of reporting their illegal activities. Jeremy Hines, the manager described as street gangster, manipulates the most vulnerable associates, who are already facing disciplinary actions, to fabricate false complaints against those he considers to be his enemies. "We await our private investigators' report prior to any additional comments,” the lawyer reportedly stated. 

Jeremy Hines

Vicki Smith is Vice President and General Counsel for Sam’s Club. As the leader of Sam's Club legal team, Vicki ensures the company’s compliance with the laws and regulations in the states and countries it operates. Nevertheless, she has yet to step in as chief legal counsel to advise her managers, specifically Brenda Caldera and Jeremy Hines, to cease and desist in their daily retaliation against associates who reported corruption at Club #6609.  

Vicki Smith

There is history at Walmart/Sam's Club of not enforcing their published policy against retaliation 

At Sam's Club #6609, Jeremy chooses to hire and promote younger kids in their twenties, so they can be easily manipulated into do his dirty work.  A number of older employees/associates have reported how he sends his proxies to retaliate against those who speak up or complain to Global Ethics about his corruption. 

At Sam's Club, any one of his young stooge supervisors, a/k/a COS will approach a target for retaliation and pretend to claim they are giving the associate feedback on job performance, when in fact what is discussed with the person is never documented accurately. Instead, that so-called feed-back ends up being negative and adverse information against that employee, noted in the employment file without their consent or knowledge. We will name and profile some of Jeremy’s operatives /henchmen/women in upcoming articles. 

Walmart Ex-Compliance Officer Sues Over FCPA Case. 

A Walmart compliance officer who helped to uncover the company’s FCPA scandal nine years ago has filed a lawsuit against the retail giant, accusing Wallmart executives of firing him, based solely upon bogus trumped up charges, because he refused to water down his report about the corruption. 

Walmart Ex-Compliance Officer Sues Over FCPA Retaliation (radicalcompliance.com) 

In our next article we will expose Brenda Caldera’s tradecraft of covert retaliation against those who exercise their constitutional rights not to engage in criminal activities. Some of Ms. Caldera’s crew consists of operatives with some questionable backgrounds, which will also be exposed. 

Brenda Caldera

Stay tuned.

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