Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Leroy Parris, in custody, en route to Magistrate's Court today.

Leroy Parris, the former Chairman of the failed CLICO Barbados insurance company, appeared in Magistrate's Court today, and was granted bond in the amount of Bds$1.5m. The defendant stands accused of stealing Bds$3,333,000 from CLICO, by having the funds, represented to be legal fees,  ultimately diverted to his personal use and possession.

The specific charges:

(1) Money Laundering.
(2) Conspiracy to Defraud the Crown and the Commissioner of Revenue of public revenue,
by failing to submit tax returns, or account to the Commissioner for taxes on his income (tax evasion).
(3) Theft of Bds$3,333,000, belonging to CLICO International Life Insurance Limited.
(4) Conspiracy to Defraud CLICO by inducing the company to pay out the funds to a law firm.

Dominica Diplomatic Passport
Parris was ordered to surrender his travel documents, and to report to the police twice a week. This may expose the circumstnces surrounding precisely how he managed to acquire a Dominica Diplomtic Passport, listing him as " Ambassador at Large," Dominica has not as yet explained how Parris qualified to acquire his Dominica passport, as he performs no known diplomatic or other services for the Government of Dominica, and in truth and in fact, he is known to be a close associate of Dominica's dodgy Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. Parris allegedly has assisted with covertly providing Skerrit's election campaigns with funds, which appears to be a major violation of Dominican law.

Parris' next court appearance has been scheduled for November 19, 2020.

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