Tuesday, February 5, 2019


 He offered the Court, through his dream team of attorneys, a good bail package: A $500,000 cash deposit, surrender of his two passports, a GPS installed to track him, and that he would report in person every fifteen days. Unfortunately for former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, the fact that he failed to show up voluntarily when called, and had to be  extradited from the United States, and that there were a dozen serious criminal cases filed against him, in addition to the one for which he was extradited, indicated that he was a flight risk, so bail was denied.

Of course, under the Doctrine of Specialty, Martinelli will only face the one charge of conducting illegal audio and video surveillance of over one hundred and fifty prominent and powerful Panamanians, but the Court considered all the other crimes he committed when making a decision on bail. 

Panama insiders are saying that he will win the election for Mayor of Panama City, due to his popularity and charisma, notwithstanding that he is incarcerated and waiting for a March trial. Thr question is: will he be convicted ?

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