Sunday, February 17, 2019


Apparently, corrupt Venezuelan officials are still quietly moving what are left of government funds out of the country in large amounts. A bank in Bulgaria, Investbank, reports wire transfers, originating from PDVSA, Venezuela's government oil company, arriving through US and EU intermediary financial institutions.

A government source in Sofia has advised that the amount transferred is around €60m; the bank has stated that no regulations or international sanctions have been violated. A local law enforcement investigation is in progress, and there is a mention of funds being blocked, but details are lacking.

Most observers of Venezuela's corrupt leadership believe that much of the funds stolen from government coffers and accounts resides in Switzerland; a new white-collar crime website, concentrating on Switzerland, has named a number of local banks, as well as branches of international banks, as holders of what could be billions of dollars of oil profits, diverted to accounts there. Given that the position of the Venezuelan Opposition is to recover those funds, expect Switzerland to become a legal battleground after the Maduro regime is ousted, or falls.

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