Thursday, February 21, 2019


Compliance officers all love the Wayback Machine (, for it allows us to view deleted, expired, removed and otherwise unavailable, webpages, during due diligence inquiries. It appears that an enterprising Russian group has done the same with social media head shots of Russians and certain Eastern Europeans. The website,,  allows users to drop in photo of a target, and the installed facial recognition software program searches Vkontakte (VK) profiles.

You drop your photo in there, and SearchFace goes to work

The beauty of the site is that it is not only searching currently available VK profiles, it is also looking through deleted, suspended, and even locked & private profiles. Inasmuch as searching Russian social media sites during due diligence investigations is often difficult to impossible, use this tool. There are many group short in the profiles, which allows you to identify individuals showing up in unexpected places.

Given the demonstrated usefulness of searching social media sites, using facial recognition software platforms, in due diligence and enhanced due diligence investigations, perhaps this Russian site can fill in a gap in your resources.

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