Saturday, February 23, 2019


Traveling in style T7-PAL Boeing Business jet

 The United States has severely cut back on all aid, direct, indirect, and in kind, to the Palestinian Authority, While the public reason given is the fact that the PA pays out approximately one-half of its funds to terrorists, their families, and next of kin, there is another, less discussed, reason: the utter corruption all Palestinian leadership is guilty of, starting with Yassir Arafat's $11bn in Swiss banks, and down to today, where Palestinian leaders live in luxurious homes and estates, while their people scratch for an adequate living in a failed economy that the leadership ignores, while pandering to the Arab world for donations and support.

This is a system that pays salaries to employees of "Palestinian Airlines" each week, while the airline has not planes and is not operational. Readers who wish to learn more may access Integrity and Combating Corruption Palestine from Transparency Palestine  here.

Palestinians will not even overfly their own territory.
PA leaders fly out from an airport located in Jordan, on their Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), which is a 737 fitted out with luxury accommodations. The cost of one hour of flight time is USD$20,000. look at this private jet and wonder how many schools, hospitals and other charitable organizations would be better recipients of this money, rather than pampering a group of elderly professional politicians looking for still more handouts abroad.

The airport in Jordan where the private jet is hangared.


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