Monday, August 24, 2020


Michelle Roll, a bulk cash courier for a Colombian drug cartel, and who was arrested with over $220,000 in cash, all reortedly in one hundred dollar bills, was sentenced recently to Time Served, three years of Supervised Release, and 200 hours of Community Service. The charge was Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering. Here's the problem: she bonded out after only a few days in jail, meaning that she will not serve one day in the Federal Prison System as an inmate. Is this a deterrent to others ? We seriously doubt it.

Her Guidelines Sentence was 37 to 46 months, according to court watchers who attended the sentencing. Obviously, since she was charged via an Information, and not indictment, she cooperated, but this was certainly not her first foray into crime, just the one in which she was caught. The defendant is a college graduate with a degree in psychology, who was reportedly working in food delivery.  Was this just a cover for her true occupation ?

The Court seemed more focused upon the Notice of Forfeiture against the cash seized from her; to set a hearing to adjudicate any right, title and interest she may have to it, and to request any other claimants to file against it.

When Federal Judges fail to incarcerate bulk cash smugglers that are caught in the act, more line up to take their place. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the defendant, for we will certainly see her again.

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