Thursday, August 13, 2020


Coat or Arms and national flag of Lithuania

The Republic of Lithuania has designated the Lebanese organization HEZBOLLAH, alos known as the "Party of God", a terrorist entity. This sanction applies to the entire organization, not just the so-called "military faction," a distinction which Hezbollah uses to allow its "political faction" to freely operate in Europe. in truth and in fact, both sectors are one entity, and separating them is pure fiction.

More importantly, Lithuania has banned any Hezbollah members from entering the country for a period of ten (10) years. Given that the organization raises funds by extorting "contributions" or "charity" from expat Lebanese, many of whom are not even Muslims, this action may serve to impact this practice, especially if other nations themsselves enact travel bans.

Whether Lithuania has imposed its sanctions upon Hezbollah due to the disclosure that the organization was the group storing volatile ammonium nitrate, as well as missiles deemed illegal by the terms of the United Nations cease fire, is not known, but the fact that the terrorist designation followed the exposure of Hezbollah's culpability in the total destruction of a major portion of downtown Beirut leads us to believe that it was the cause for the designation.  

Given that Hezbollah agents are known to carry passports from both Lebanon and Syria, there may be impact upon individuals holding such passports, who are not Hezbollah members or associates, as border and customs officials, as well as bank compliance officers, may regard them as possible Hezbollah, and deny entry, or decline to open bank accounts.


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