Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Kristina M Pelletier,Esq.
If you read our recent article, Deceptive Mortgage Servicing Company Fay Servicing Exploits and Cheats Borrowers*, you know that we have painted an accurate picture of a company that has consistently brought misery to thousands of families whose mortgages were assigned to it by Wells Fargo. Once their file was in the the hands of Fay Servicing, the borrowers had to deal with misinformation, disinformation and excessive fees imposed, often illegally, ending up with a foreclosure that could have been avoided, and should have been.

This is Kristina M. Pelletier, a licensed attorney in the State of California, and Fay Servicing's California attack dog on mortgage foreclosures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fay Servicing's victims allege that this attorney is adept at foreclosing upon ill and infirm homeowners, without giving them any opportunity to reinstate their loans. While we understand that zealous advocacy by counsel is permitted, it cannot trample upon the rights of the borrowers, who allege that counsel has engaged in "stealing their homes."

Homeowners who have lost their homes have accused Ms. Pelletier of ignoring important legal issues involving disputes between the lender and the borrowers; some have raised ethical issues, and accused her of proceeding with foreclosures, while at the same time failing to inform debtors of their rights, and the remedies available to them under the law. This is a particularly thorny issue when it applies to borrowers who are not represented by counsel, and seek advice from Fay Servicing's counsel.

Any borrowers who have evidence that Fay Servicing's counsel has violated any of the Rules of Professional Conduct should seek the advice of a competent attorney, or contact the State Bar of California.

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