Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Leroy King, the former Antigua banking regulator, whose actions allowed Stanford International Bank to steal billions from its victims, was to be sentenced on July 30, 2020. For some mysterious reason, King's sentencing not only did not take place, there are no court filings in his case to show that it has been cancelled or rescheduled. This is unlike King, whose Antigua attorneys artfully delayed his extradition for more than a decade. What is happening here ?

While he faced a possible 175 years in prison on the original, charges, he pled to a single count, and is not likely to spend a substantial time in Federal Prison; so why was he not sentenced ? The Bureau of Prisons website shows him still "in residence" at Houston Federal Detention Center (FDC).

Given the rumors circulating throughout Antigua of late, he may have given sworn testimony that will implicate a number of Antigua's senior leaders, all of whom accepted bribes from Stanford when he ran his Ponzi scheme through two of Antigua's banks. There was a reason why lawyers labored for more than ten years to keep King from being extradited: he knew who had received bribes and kickbacks in Antigua's government, he knows who the bagmen (cash couriers) that delivered the illicit cash were, and where those "Testaferros" are now.

Leroy King and R Allen Stanford

Is this why Antigua's powerful are in a uproar ? It's a perfect storm of double-barrelled trouble for Antigua's leadership, Alex Saab Moran and Leroy King, both of whom have enough first-hand information to bury many of the country's senior politicians who are currently in power. Is Leroy King now in WitSec, the Federal Government's Witness Protection Program, and what did he testify to ?  What did Leroy King testify about, and who did he implicate ?

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