Thursday, June 20, 2013


The case against Viktor Bout's reputed CFO, the Syrian-American accountant, Richard Chichakli, remains shrouded in mystery. I have these questions:

(1) Why has no attorney entered a permanent appearance on his behalf ? Just a "for bail only" limited appearance by a public defender, who apparently stipulated to pretrial confinement, meaning that her efforts were strictly to ensure that the defendant was represented in court. These is a mention that she was acting for an attorney named Marlon Kirton*, an experienced criminal defence attorney who accepts CJA appointments, but he has not appeared, nor filed any pleadings, which is strange.

(2) Why is there no filing to indicate what happened on 28 May, when the Pretrial Conference was scheduled to occur ? There are no pleading to indicate that it was cancelled, or rescheduled, and no sealed pleadings, which often indicate cooperation with law enforcement in underway, to suspect that any plea bargaining is in progress or completed. has he made a deal ?

(3) What's going on in the case ? That last filing was on 25 May, three weeks ago.

I will continue to follow the case, and keep you readers fully advised.
* Attorney Kirton has appeared in 92 cases in the Southern District of Florida, according to PACER; he is a former Legal Aid (public defender) attorney.

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