Wednesday, June 19, 2013


An organisation with offices on Dubai, Tehran and Mogadishu is reportedly illegally providing Iranian nationals with valid passports from third countries, which they use to travel to Canada. Once they arrive, they are absorbed into the existing Iranian expat population, in the country's largest cities. In this manner, a large number of Iranians have been able to enter Canada, notwithstanding the country's current freeze on new applications for immigrant investors, and the termination of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The scheme surfaced after a number of these illegal immigrants complained that they have paid substantial advance fees, to the company that assisted them to illegally enter Canada, which were specifically for normalising their status, but no action has been taken on their behalf. Their wealth is believed to be illicitly transferred to Canada via Hawallah, at a cost that exceeds the normal charges for this type of undercover service. The company providing all these services is therefore involved in immigration fraud, advance fee fraud, and illegal international funds transfers. I have identified the principal actors in this criminal scheme, but since there is a pending criminal investigation, I am not disclosing their names, and photographs, at this time, though I will do so should criminal charges be filed.

One wonders why Canadian governmental agencies are not taking action to identify, and deport, illegal immigrants from Iran, especially in light of the recent sanctions imposed by Canada upon Iran. These are affluent individuals, not political refugees. They have not legally entered Canada, but it appears that the reputed political power of the Iranian expat community in Canada has resulted in an unofficial hands-off policy with respect to Iranian illegals.     

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