Sunday, June 23, 2013


Anoush Ghamsari
An Iranian exile group in Canada has publicly identified the principal player in the scheme that has brought Iranian nationals to Canada, using passports illegally obtained in third countries. He is Anoushiravan M. Ghamsari, known as Anoush. Ghamsari, who does not have a license to operate an an immigration professional in Canada, facilitates his clients' illegal entry as visitors, and not as immigrants. I am wondering why Citizenship & Immigration Canada has not yet shut down his operation, and others like it. 

Once they arrive in Canada, they disappear in cities where there is a substantial Iranian expat population; Ghamsari reportedly arranges for bogus identity documents. It is said that he charges them $25,000 in advance to normalise their status, but then takes to action in their behalf, which is tantamount to fraud. He is also linked to a company, whose name is apparently not registered in Canada, that is involved in serious sanctions violations.

Many observers of the Canadian immigration scene believe that the real reason that the Government of Canada temporarily halted two of the major immigrant investor programmes was not that applications were back up, but that rampant immigration fraud was uncovered. Unfortunately, we are not seeing the amount of arrests that the situation demands. 

When other immigration fraudsters are publicly identified, we shall named them as well. Readers who are not familiar with our previous article on the subject can access it here*.


  1. It is good news, now the Govt of Canada should take some serious action against all the frauds.


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