Tuesday, November 17, 2020



If you read our article on November 11th, you know that a second whistle blower has surfaced in the Republic of Malta, and that this individual has promised to deliver additional evidence which further implicates the Malta money laundering targets  We  are pleased to report that we have now established a secure line of communications with him. He properly fears that his life, and that of his family, will be in danger if his name is revealed, and we have agree to preserve his identity. Pleas note that this individual is not Maria Efimova, or any member of her family or associates.

As we have previously noted, we will not be able to release the information to this blog, as it is going directly to law enforcement, but we can disclose that the information he has includes evidence of the operations of  the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) inside Malta. We hope that the information hastens the conclusion of the American investigations currently in progress. We commend the whistle blower for his patriotism and courage.

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