Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 A wise man once told me that the Malta Labour Party was not a purely political organization, it was more like a cult,As the Malta Money Laundering investigation expands further, reliable sources have reported that American investigators in the field, some of whom are operating undercover, and others who are conducting interviews, that recruitment and retention by Labour employed traditional organized crime techniques. These techniques might shock the casual reader, especially Maltese with traditional Catholic backgrounds, but they were the dark tools employed to attract, and hold, initiates for decades, as the Malta Underworld traps its apprentices for life. 

According to an eyewitness, in the years before Labour  came into power, its recruitment of businessmen consisted of  a brief orientation, followed by a visit to a brothel full of underage girls, and a few boys. While this may be disturbing, Labour politicians themselves frequently patronized the the Stable Bar (Maltese girls) and the Lantern Bar Restaurant ( Russian girls), where they were entertained. The regulars included CC and GB, and other lawyers and businessmen.

Other witness have stated that they personally witnessed incident that illustrated the close relationship between the Labour Party and the Malta Police. Corrupt police officers have been identified in high value robberies.This systemic corruption has been brought to the fore of late due to new interest into the failed HSBC heist; the influence of Labour lawyers on the Police, and their reputed participation in criminal activities is also under investigation.

American investigators have now reconstructed the entire twenty-year historical background of criminal activity in Malta, and this will have a powerful effect on any American jury trying money laundering cases against the Malta Money laundering defendants. Uncharged criminal conduct is admissible under Federal law, and that can poison the mind of jurors. The Malta defendants' attorneys should now be very, very concerned.


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