Thursday, November 26, 2020




We are please to report that we have received  details of the cross-examination today of the Police Inspectors who originally conducted the off-the record interrogation of Daphne Galizia assassination suspect Yorgan Fenech behind closed doors. Fenech's attorneys were unable to block questioning of the business tycoon about information disclosed to investigators, for the purpose of obtaining a Presidential Pardon, which was eventually denied. Fenech's attorneys had asserted that Fenech will be prejudiced if he is required to answer, and also objected to the intervention of the victim's family.

We have received a mini-recap of the corruption being discussed in today's proceedings, but we need to confirm certain information, as some of it came from multiple sources. As serious journalists, we cannot publish without corroboration, and we trust that those of our readers who were in attendance will get in touch with us. Note that we are aware that it is a criminal offence in Malta to report any of this story in the Maltese press, but we are reporting solely for our American and international readers. The source of any information received is protected here under American law.

Aside from this hearing, there are rumors in Valletta of millions of Euros, representing alleged transfers to former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, involved in the Wind Farm project, gas and fuel supplies kickbacks, and other organized crime activities inside Malta that received the blessing and protection of Muscat. We cannot comment upon the information regarding today's proceeding, until that information has been confirmed, from reliable witnesses who have first-person information. While today happens to be a national holiday in the United States, we trust that we will be able to bring the full story about today's important hearing to our readers tonight.

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