Thursday, October 1, 2020



October has arrived, and with it yet another sealed document filed with the Court in United States vs. Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, providing an additional clue regarding possible new indictments against individuals in Malta, in connection with the money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption that occurred at Sadr's Malta-based Pilatus Bank. If politicians in Malta think that the case against Sadr is over, they will be wrong. It is doubtful that it is coincidence that the sealed filing occurred the day after the Secretary of Defense paid an official visit to the Prime Minister of Malta.

Why do we believe that this is further evidence that there are sealed indictments ? Pick one or more of these reasons:

(1) The case is over, and the defendants had their case dismissed with prejudice. Sealed filings under this set of facts can only be a sealed indictment, especially one that names individual who are presently not under arrest, and who reside outside the United States. The documents now sealed will only be unsealed when the targeted defendants are in Federal, or foreign, custody, or under an extradition order.

(2) The Court, which has excoriated the US Attorney's Office for serious Brady violations, would certainly not want anything filed that the public could not see. The trial judge wants to see very public punishment visited upon those prosecutors, and none of it is to be hidden in the shadows.

(3) Sources have confirmed today that a major criminal investigation is looming just over the horizon in Federal Court in New York, against a number of present and former members of the Government of Malta. Since Sadr is alleged to have paid bribes and kickbacks to Malta's senior officials, to swiftly obtain an EU banking license, and who offered them accounts, which facilitated corrupt payments, it is reasonable to assume that some of Malta's ruling elite will end up as criminal defendants in the dock.

 We are still unable to determine precisely who the defendants are, meaning that a sealed indictment is known to exist, but details have not been supplied.











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