Saturday, October 24, 2020


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We note with interest disgraced former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's very public denials, regarding his plans to quietly relocate to Dubai, UAE, where he will take a position as CEO of a catering company owned by a powerful Malta corporation. The reason Muscat fears exposure of his new business partner, prior to his departure from Malta, is that, in addition to legitimate activity, the company Muscat has chosen to affiliate with is engaged in criminal activities in the European Union. Any statement to the contrary is a bald lie.

In truth and in fact, EU law enforcement agencies consider the firm's operations to constitute organized crime, and this may explain, in part, why several law enforcement agencies are in the middle of active investigations of Muscat and his associates. Most of our Maltese readers would instantly recognize the specific criminal activity involved, were we to name it on this blog, but to do so would bring with it an immediate lawsuit. Frankly, most of Malta's citizens fear the Maltese Mafia; on this blog we don't.

I am not the first person to bring this matter to public attention.Daphne herself previously identified the corporation, and its covert illicit business, and drew a lawsuit for that act.  We owe it to her memory not to flinch from intimidation by Malta's dark forces, but to speak truth to power. The multiple lawsuits, many of which remain active, notwithstanding that it is three years since her murder, speak volumes about the lengths that Malta's criminal elite will go to protect their turf.

                                              The Field of Honor. Photo courtesy Twitch                                                         

We trust that we have sufficiently linked Muscat with people that you do not want to meet a midnight on a dark street, so that our readers discount any public statement that the "Artful Dodger," makes to the press. Perhaps when you see him  moving into a multi-million dollar estate in Dubai that is far in excess of his legal income you will wake up and finally reform your country. It will soon be time for you to hand over your criminals to countries where courts that follow the Rule of Law will obtain justice for Mad Muscat and his Merry Men of Evil.

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