Saturday, October 31, 2020



 According to American law enforcement sources, Malta's ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who ruled from 2013 until the very end of 2019, together with his gang of Cabinet members, Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) staff, and Labour Party officials, took in the equivalent of over three hundred million dollars, in several currencies, previous gems, precious metals, financial instruments, smuggled un-taxed cigarettes, Illicit Tuna, and oil & petroleum products. That is, we are given to understand, merely a very conservative estimate. No wonder now private citizen Muscat is said to be anxious about relocating permanently to Dubai; he wants to finally get his hands on all that ill-gotten loot, far away fro the prying eyes of Malta's investigative journalists, Daphne's legacy.

The plot got a lot thicker today, when there were public allegations made to the effect that a participant in the Daphne assassination disclosed that a certain Cabinet member was deeply implicated in a very serious crime. The identity of that individual was reportedly known in March 2020, to Malta's current Prime Minister, Robert Abela, but the PM has, inexplicably, failed to name that person. Allegations that a "prominent third party" was involved, and that there were major delays in granting a pardon to the witness for that reason.

Most of my sources agree that the guilty former minister is an individual who has a thing for Eastern European and Russian prostitutes, but today we are focusing upon the obscene amount of of money Muscat's crew has taken down since Labour came bank into power.

Forensic investigators from several Western countries are believed to be trolling wire transfer records, and interviewing witnesses,  to track and trace the illicit criminal proceeds. The principal sources reportedly include Pilatus Bank, Satabank, Bank of Valletta (BOV),  Portmann Capital Management and Sparkasse Bank Malta. How much identifiable criminal proceeds that is ultimately found in each of these entities will dictate whether they survive OFACs wrath.


When the dust settles, and the most guilty extradited, tried in an American courtroom and convicted, Muscat's true "Godfather" role will be publicly known, as well as a just and fit punishment for his many crimes. Let us just hope that seizure and forfeiture procedures deprive him of enjoying the proceeds of his crimes.

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