Friday, October 23, 2020



                                             What did they know and When did they know it ?

The Deputy Chief of the SDNY Narcotics Division, in a letter to the Court, expressly asked that the letter be filed under seal, because of "information concerning witnesses in this investigation and others. " The Court rejected the request, and the letter posted below from the court file is publicly available.  Note that portions of the letter have been redacted, totally blacked out, to prevent those sentences from being released to the public, who under the law has immediate right to access, unless there are clear and compelling circumstances to deny access.

Let us go over a couple of important points, and our conclusions:

(1) If the Deputy Chief of the Narcotics Division of the US Attorney's Office made the request, it is because there is a pending investigation, or sealed indictment already, for some of the Malta defendants for money laundering of narcotics proceeds. This is serious escalation of the possible sentences that Messrs. Muscat, Abela and their PL associates could receive upon conviction.

(2) The letter request proves that there is information in the "Declaration and Exhibits" filed in the case implicating additional targets not previously charged with Federal felonies.

(3) The fact that Shawn Crowley, who signed the letter, and not the senior staff members who previously wrote the Court regarding the Brady issues which so disturbed the Court, means that there is a significant narcotics aspect to the Malta case. Since we have no information about the Malta targets being drug traffickers, the only other alternative is the laundering of the proceeds of narcotics crime.

(4) The mention of an In Camera review of evidence is further proof that there is material in the file which, if released to the public, would alert the additional targets, and allow them to engage in international flight to avoid prosecution. 

(4) Readers looking for proof that there are additional defendants charged in the Sadr case should add this information to the previous hints and clues that we have found, and reach the conclusion that there are some serious money laundering charges pending against additional defendants.



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