Thursday, October 29, 2020




We were contacted by a witness in the expanded Malta money laundering investigation this week, who stated that he was very recently interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and who advised that the central focus of the questioning was Iran and the connection between what he believed to be targets of the investigation and the Islamic Republic. This confirms our theory concerning the importance of Iran in the investigations.

The witness, who found me through the numerous articles we have written on the subject that appear  on this blog, asked that his anonymity be protected. We know from our sources that he is believed to have been in physical danger in the past, and we must respect his privacy. We can disclose that his nationality is Italian, and we shall refrain from disclosing the location of his interview. There are several other witnesses in the investigation, and we do not, under any circumstances, wish to discourage their assistance, nor to we want to put them at risk, given the violence which has already taken place. 

This is the first witness in the Malta money laundering investigation to reach out with questions; he was clearly fearful of being charged with criminal activity, but from the information he volunteered, it appears that the FBIs targets are clearly individuals that we have previously identified in prior articles.

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