Wednesday, October 21, 2020



                                                                    Bon Voyage, Joseph.

 Having gone through the experience myself a while ago, this might be a good time to acquaint the Malta money launderers who have been targeted by US law enforcement of the probable consequences of continuing to ignore the fact that many of them are destined to be indicted, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, and sent off to Federal Prison for their crimes. While they will most likely ignore this advice, at least they will get a preview of what awaits them, should they foolishly decide to plead not guilty and take their cases to trial.

1. Extradition is a matter of when, not if. Given the amount of resources that are reportedly being devoted to multiple investigations, it is safe to say that extradition procedures will, sooner or later, succeed. and the Malta defendants will find themselves on a plane bound for New York or Miami. Ignore any statements made to you by your Malta criminal lawyers that they can postpone the extradition indefinitely.

2. When you arrive in the US, in custody, you will not be permitted to bond out before trial. The Malta defendants have no ties to the United States, and are flight risks. No amount of conditions could insure their appearance at trial, should they be released on bond, so get used to pretrial confinement, bleak as it is.

3. The Government will load you up with multiple charges, which will cause wiser men than you to immediately enter into plea negotiations, because if you are convicted on all counts, you may spend the rest of your like in an American prison.

4. Long sentences mean bad places to spend several years in. Long sentences generally mean you are probably going to be designated to a prison facility in a high security level. Many of your cellmates will be doing time for serious narcotics offenses, or Federal crimes which involve violence. You do not want to be spending a year or more with these guys.

5. Your American attorneys, whom you will be paying an arm and a leg to, will act positive about your case, and declare that, if they lose at trial, they will surely prevail on appeal. The truth is 95% of the cases end up with a conviction. Stop dreaming that you will be at Club Fed, because your immigration status means no minimum security prison camp for you, ever. Their optimism might be linked to the fact that they won't be doing the prison time; you will.

6. The US Government has had years to piece together a bulletproof case, with live witnesses, documentary evidence, and a narrative sufficient to convict. Do not deceive yourself about its intentions and abilities. Their case will be solid.

Unless you are a total fool, you will note that the odds are pretty much stacked against you.The Federal Criminal Justice System is designed to convict, and it does that job very well. If you do not choose to enter a plea of guilty early on. Count on becoming a part of the nightmare, for many, many years. Let me humbly suggest that you ignore your lawyers' advice ( they are being paid by your superior, and owe allegiance only to him) are approach US law enforcement early on, to avoid the rush. Ignore this advice and your wife will divorce you, all your material assets will be seized and forfeited, and you will end up serving a long term in prison. Get with the program, before others in your crew beat you to it.


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