Monday, October 12, 2020


                                                            JMs recurring nightmare.

What do you so if several members of your corrupt organization are looking at long terms in an American prison, if convicted ? You do your best to see that you are never extradited to face the music in an American courtroom. In the case of a number of past and present government officials in the Republic of Malta, you attempt to play the Anti-American card. Will it work ? We sincerely hope not, for if it does, justice will be denied.

In an Open Letter to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, a number of Leftist intellectuals have vehemently opposed a SOFA Agreement with the United States, asserting that, if implemented, it will not only violate Malta's "Neutrality" as expressed in its Constitution, but it will place the country in danger from outside forces, violate its sovereignty, and possibly result in war crimes.

This is patently false. First, Malta's neutral political stance was drafted during the Cold War, to remove it from the East vs. West conflict. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the freeing of Eastern Europe, it is not longer relevant, and need no longer be held onto as a viable political position. There's no Iron Curtain in Europe any more. Get over it, intellectuals.

Second, the Global War on Terrorism,  active since 2001, demands that countries are either allied with the West, or deemed to be opposing it. Does Malta really want to be grouped with Syria, Iran and North Korea ? We doubt it. The presence of US military forces in Malta will actually help protect it from terrorist acts, or assist in in dealing with them, should one occur, in real-time. Does Malta really want to be classified an an opponent of Counter-Terrorism ?

This is obviously a ploy by the Usual Suspects, those Labor Party officials who have grown fat from bribes and kickbacks laundered through local banks, to increase Public Opinion against their eventual extradition to the United States. They are hoping that the same individuals who voted them into power will oppose their extradition on money laundering, racketeering, and other charges. We trust that the people of Malta are too smart for this trick, and will see right through it; Let Justice be served.

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