Saturday, October 10, 2020



A number of readers of this blog have asked whether there is any actual evidence that multiple criminal investigations exist, regarding money laundering in the Republic of Malta. If you are looking for proof that there are a number of international criminal investigations in progress, in connection with money laundering allegations at Pilatus Bank and Portmann Capital Management, you need look no further than Unopposed Motion to delay Defendant's Surrender, filed last year by attorneys for the Swiss banker/money launderer Matthias Krull. Krull, a Swiss banker based in Panama, was a major participant in the illegal transfers of millions of dollars from Venezuela, and through Malta, that resulted in his conviction and ten year sentence.  

This motion was not filed under seal; it is freely available to anyone who wishes to review it, and was filed on July 16, 2019. We quote verbatim:

"Mr. Krull continues to assist the government with its ongoing investigation and other ancillary matters. he has also met with authorities for multiple foreign jurisdictions. Additional meetings with U.S. authorities, the aforementioned foreign jurisdictions and others are anticipated in the future."(Unopposed Motion at 2).

This should satisfy even the most demanding reader that there are, indeed multiple investigations, in many countries, and that they have been pending for at least one year. Given the secrecy surrounding such investigations, and the typical protocol on releasing any information while they are in progress, we most likely will not see anything released until the indictments are unsealed. Readers, be patient; you will see what all the excitement is about soon enough, especially if you are one of the targets.  




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