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 The conundrum: exactly what did then-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat do in Miami on his covert trip back in December ? We know that he engaged in a whirlwind travel schedule, including seeking dispensation for the Pope, just prior to leaving office. We can understand the European and Middle East adventures, London-Dubai-Jordan-Jerusalem,with family, but the Miami trip remains a complete unknown, except to those of us familiar with the world of money laundering.

First of all, he is said to have traveled here on a Malta diplomatic passport, which is improper, as such travel documents must only be employed and presented whilst on official government business, or while in transit to and from a diplomatic posting, neither of which Muscat was engaged in. That is a violation of the Vienna  Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, which Malta, as a United Nations member, is a signatory to. Muscat, using that diplomatic passport, thereby intentionally evaded customs on arrival in the United States, as well as his departure, carrying evidence of offshore transactions. What financial instruments did he spirit into Miami, and for what purpose ? And where did he go ? He certainly wasn't here on a mission for his friends in the PL club, purchasing cocaine.

Second, we have a million questions; Why did he fly to Miami ?Who paid for the tickets ? Who did he meet there ? And the Most Pressing Question, where did he fly to from Miami ?  As a compliance consultant with forty year's experience here in Miami and the tax  havens of the Caribbean, the odds are that he then took a brief side-trip south, left his "Flight Capital" in an anonymous offshore financial center, and quietly returned, hoping that his absence from his Miami "vacation" was not noticed. We cannot find any logical reason why Muscat would come to Miami for any legitimate or social purpose.

                                                           Moon over Miami December 2019

Third, one source has heard that he sought to obtain immunity from prosecution here in Miami, offering some evidence to avoid prison in the United States, but that his offer of cooperation fell short, as he is one of the primary targets of the investigations in at least two Federal Districts. We cannot verify that this story has any truth to it, but relate it here, as it may have relevance to his later conduct, or as once observer characterizes it, misconduct.

He has arrogantly told PL associates that he will never be extradited, because he has a few tricks up his political sleeve. If his strategy and tactics are anything like his ploy regarding SOFA, he will continue to fail miserably. Our advice to him is to retain competent American defence counsel,  enter into plea negotiations, and answer all their questions as a cooperating witness, especially those involving organized crime syndicates that he and his PL associates have done business with. He may have to enter the Witness Protection program (WitSec), together with his family, to stay safe, and be relocated after his prison sentence has been served, but at least that way he won't end up like the late Billy Herbert.

                                              Foreign Minister Herbert, missing and feared dead

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